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Motion Design Studio based in Gurugram, India.

At Quirky Quiche, we wield the magic of 3D animations to transform your brand’s story into an unforgettable visual experience. 

Whether it’s a spellbinding product showcase, an enlightening explainer video, or a mesmerizing title sequence, our animations captivate attention and invoke curiosity.

Our Expertise

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3D Animation

Video Editing

Visual Effects

3D Animation

Transforming concepts into captivating reality, our 3D animations transcend imagination.

With cutting-edge rendering, we bring your ideas to life in mesmerizing detail.

Video Editing

Crafting stories through meticulous editing, we weave together moments that resonate.

Your vision finds its rhythm as our expertise transforms raw footage into captivating narratives.

Visual Effects

Elevating visuals to extraordinary realms, our effects add magic to every frame.

From subtle enhancements to cinematic spectacles, we create experiences that astonish the eye.

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